Property of Restore Democracy

Who are we?

A group of voters from across the political spectrum who believe Citizens should play a greater role in the policy process & that the best way to achieve this goal is to ensure that every state has access to Referendums and Citizen Initiatives.

What are Referendums & Initiatives?

Referendums & Initiatives are forms of Direct Democracy; a tool that allows Citizens to vote on issues rather than representatives.

What's the difference?

A Referendum is a proposal by elected officials
A Citizen Initiative is a proposal by Citizens, usally via a petition.

In both cases, Citizens vote on an issue. The difference is in who proposes the vote.


We want to empower the millions of Americans who have complex views that don't fit a single party.

How do we do it?

We push for a consitutional amendment that requires each state to provide mechanisms of Direct Democracy.